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"There are a lot of snakes in the SF brokerage world, and with that I would only send you to one team, and these guys are it. I have worked exclusively with them for the last decade, and wouldn’t recommend you work with anyone else..."

-Marty F. 

"In our initial consultation, Trigg presented me with a marketing plan for my building and a strategy to receive the highest possible price.  I'm happy to say the plan was executed perfectly, and we received multiple non-contingent offers above asking price, including a winning all cash offer with a 15 day close."

- Evelyn S.

" Owning 150+ units in San Francisco, I have many investment brokers contacting me on a regular basis. You have proved that you are a top tier broker by providing timely market information, expert advise, and recommendations that meet my long term goals. "

- John H.

" I have worked with many investment brokers during my career and it's refreshing to work with somebody that sought to understand my company's long-term vision and provided recommendations in attempt to achieve those goals.  It's evident that you had my best interest in mind when negotiating. Never did I think that personal interests or commissions were your motivation and sole objective in closing this deal. I greatly appreciate that.  Due to your responsiveness, availability and expert real estate knowledge, you were able to address my concerns and we were able to close the transaction without a problem.  Truly a feat in this day and age! "


- Deny S



" Your professionalism, attentiveness to detail, protection and concern for all parties involved truly made this sales experience a memorable one. Whether you are working with experienced investors such as ourselves, or first time buyers, you exhibited a clear shared vision and an intelligible strategy that made for a pleasurable and fluid transaction between parties. "


- Antonio C


" Hats off to you for selling our 12 unit apartment building in Cow Hollow. Your sensitivity and professional manner was handled flawlessly. Your marketing and strategy produced a quick sale as well as receiving top dollar for our building. "


- Albert & Judy M



" Given these difficult factors you handled every aspect of the sale in a professional and smooth manner. We were able to obtain 11 offers on the property and ultimately sold it for $300k over the asking price. "


- Anthony G



" Thanks so much for your flawless handling of this sale. Your strategy was on target from the start and you met all of the challenges with intelligence, patience and grace.  He met the challenge of dealing with multiple family members with diplomacy, patience and intelligence. His carefully considered marketing strategy and expert negotiation led to a seamless sale well above the asking price. "


- Patricia Z

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